netECR is comprised of ECRs from different labs and institutions across the globe. Learn more about each one of us by clicking on the names displayed on this page. If you are a suicide and self-harm Early Career Researcher*, get in touch and be involved. Together we can do more!

Camila Siebert Altavini
Eleanor Bailey
Piumee Bandara
Madhav Bhargav
Susie Bennett
Katherine Bird

Lana Bojanić
Allie Bond

Katherine Brown
Sadhbh Byrne
Hilary Causer
Somto Chike-Obuekwe
Michaela (Kayla) Cooley
Charlie Cooper
Camille Davisse-Paturet

Laura del Carpio
Nicole Devlin
Busra Ozen Dursun
Bethany Cliffe
Holly Crudgington
Grace Cully
Holly Dale

Caroline Daly
Sarah Davis

Lakmini De Silva
Justine Dickhoff
Valerie J. Douglas
Elizabeth (Liz) Dudeney

Helen Fay
Sophia Fedorowicz
Áine French

Austin J. Gallyer
Selma Gaily-Luoma

Hayley Gorton
Ilana Gratch
Samantha Groves
John F. Gunn III
Kamelia Harris
Lauren Harris
Stephanie Hannam-Swain
Kyli Hedrick

Laura Hemming
Nicole Hill
Emily Hielscher
Kerry Hozhabrafkan
Charlotte Huggett
Anita Hunsager

Cheryl Hunter
Ian Hussey
Emily Hutchinson
Anastasia Izotova

Julie Janssens
Andrea Kaniuka
Alexandr Kasal
Katerina Kavalidou
Olivia Kirtley

Duleeka (Dee) Knipe
Alkiviadis Koskotas
Karen Lascelles
Kate LaForge
Rhiannon Leake

Jessica Leather
Nadja Lederer
Kai Lim

Ryn Linthicum
Donna Littlewood
Jo Lockwood
Carol MacDonald

Becky Mars
Andre Mason
Hazel Marzetti
Oliver Matias
Molly McCarthy
Katie McGill

Martina McGrath
Andrew McMahon
Faraz Mughal
Rebecca Musgrove
Emma Nielsen
Beau Nieuwenhuijs

Hilary Norman
Selena O’Connell

Nicolas Oakey-Frost
Michelle M. Oliver

Prianka Padmanathan
Abigail Paterson
Karyl Powell-Booth
Mirabel Pelton
Rosie Pendrous
Tyler R. Pritchard
Hayley Purdon
Emmanuel Nii-Boye Quarshie

Simo Raittila
Parvathy Ramesh

Erik Reinbergs
Cara Richardson
Abby Ridge-Anderson

Elystan Roberts
Kealagh Robinson
Olivia Rogerson
Esmira Ropaj

Kirsten Russell
Johanna Spiers

Kim Setkowski
Kenvil Souza

Corbin J. Standley
Jessica Stubbing
Sarah Sullivan
Karima Susi
Millie Tamworth

Isabela Troya
Elvan Unlu

Wouter van Ballegooijen
Joeri Vandewalle
Nikki van Eijk
Andrea Vaughan

Catharina Voss
Marianne Webb

Karen Wetherall
A. Jess Williams
Emma Wilson
Michael Wilson
Lizzy Winstone
John Whitebrook
Meryem Betul Yasdiman
Aneta Žárská
Yawen Zheng
Tiago C. Zortea

*There is no agreed definition of Early Career or Early-Stage Researcher; differing research bodies, funding bodies and institutions define the terms differently, often based on the time since beginning or completing postgraduate or doctoral study or the point at which a contract of employment is held with the primary function of research or research and teaching. netECR is an international community. Given the differing structures and durations of postgraduate training internationally, we loosely define ‘Early Career Researchers’ as those who do not hold a permanent contract of employment where research or research and teaching is the primary function.