Susie Bennett

Institution: Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Supervisory team: Professor Rory O’Connor and Dr Katie Robb.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: My PhD research explores male suicide. I am interested in the cultural and social factors that put men at risk of suicidal despair, and the factors that can aid men to recover a meaningful life. In particular, my research focuses on the dynamics of selfhood, interpersonal connections, emotions, masculinity, psychological pain and suicidal behaviours in male suicide.

Research interests:

  • Male Suicide
  • Risk and Recovery Factors
  • Evolution of Suicidal Behaviours
  • Self, Emotions, Interpersonal Connections and Gender in Suicidal Behaviours
  • Lived Experience and Qualitative Research
  • Theoretical Models of Suicidal Behaviours

Can help with: I am very passionate about building collaborations, support, sharing learning, talking through and exploring questions together. My biggest motivation is around how research insights can be shared back and disseminated to the wider public. I have worked previously for 15 years in the NGO sector in fundraising, communications and policy roles. I would love to help provide support in thinking around public engagement work.

What’s essential to your well-being? I love my research and feel really lucky to be doing a PhD so that is key to my well-being. Alongside this: my piano, listening to music, time in nature, football (particularly Liverpool FC), conversations with other researchers, learning from other people’s expertise and lived experience.

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