Áine French

Áine French copyInstitution: Resilience and Health laboratory, School of Psychology, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Supervisory team: Assistant Professor Niki Nearchou.

Position: MLitt student (hoping to start the PhD in September) / Research Assistant.

Current research: I am currently conducting a systematic review on the relationship between sleep and self-harm in young people as part of my M.Litt. studies. I am hoping to continue on to the Ph.D. programme to further explore modifiable factors in relation to engaging in self-harm. I am also working as a research assistant on a project exploring parents’ information needs while supporting a young person engaged in self-harm.

Research interests:

  • The role of sleep in self-harm engagement
  • Modifiable factors in self-harm
  • Developmental differences between adolescents and young adults in self-harm engagement
  • Self-harm thoughts to action pathways
  • Digital phenotyping and youth mental health

Can help with: Systematic reviews, organising and administration for events, and ways of promoting research on social media. I also make a good sounding board if anyone just needs to bounce ideas off me!

What’s essential to your well-being? Spending time with friends and family, any exercise or sport but especially tag rugby and gymnastics, and taking regular breaks!

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