Johanna Spiers

Johanna SpiersInstitution: University of Birmingham, England.

Position: Research Fellow.

Current research: I’m working with Ruth Riley and Hilary Causer on a qualitative study about the impact on and support needs of NHS staff who have been bereaved by suicide

Research interests:

  • Healthcare professionals’ wellbeing and mental health
  • Living with chronic physical and/or mental health conditions
  • Qualitative research (specifical interpretative phenomenological analysis)

Recent Publications:

  • Riley, R., Spiers, J., Gordon, V. (In press) PreScribed (A Life Written for Me): A Theatrical Qualitative Research-Based Performance Script Informed by General Practitioners’ Experiences of Emotional Distress.

  • Spiers, J., Smith, J.A., Ferrer Duch, M., Moldovan, R., Roche, J., Macleod, R. (2020) Evaluating a genetic counselling narrative session for people with a mutation positive HD result: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Genetic Counselling, 29(6), 1015-1025.

  • Maynard, E., Pycroft, A., Spiers, J. (2019) “They say ‘yes, I’m doing it… and I’m fine’”: The lived experience of supporting teenagers who misuse drugs. Journal of Social Work Practice, 1-15.

  • Spiers, J., Riley, R. (2018). Analysing one dataset with two qualitative methods: The distress of General Practitioners, a thematic AND interpretative phenomenological analysis. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 16(2), 276-290.

  • Spiers, J., Buszewicz, M., Chew-Graham, C.A., Riley, R. (2018). The experiences of GP partners living with distress: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Health Psychology. Early online: 1359105318758860

Can help with: Always happy to give advice on qualitative methods and interviewing. I’m new to suicide research so probably less able to help out there! I run an academic proofreading and feedback business so can always help people with spelling and grammar issues too.

What’s essential to your well-being? Music, good food, sunshine and books

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