Katherine Bird

Institution: University of Nottingham (Self-Harm Research Group, School of Psychology, School of Mental Health), England.

Supervisory team: Professor Ellen Townsend and Professor Jon Arcelus.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am interested in factors leading to self-harm and suicide and how they may differ in different populations.  Specifically in vulnerable populations.  My PhD research explores pathways to self-harm and suicide in LGBTQ+ youth and young people with eating difficulties.  I will develop an online task which will identify risk level in each population for use in clinical settings.

Research interests:

  • Suicide- and self-harm related stigma, its impact on help-seeking and how to challenge stigma on a societal level.
  • Toxic masculinity and its impact on male help-seeking behaviours.
  • The development of effective self-harm and suicide prevention programmes.
  • Social constructs regarding self-harm and suicide and how they promote or discourage help-seeking behaviours and interaction with support services.

Recent Publications:

  • Smith. H. M. J., Bird, K., Roeser, J., Robson, J., Braber, N., Wright, D., & Stacey, P. C. (2020). Voice parade procedures: optimising witness performance. Memory, 28(1), 2-17.
  • Bird, K., Smith, H. M. J., Stacey, P. C., Robson, J., Braber, N., & Wright, D. (2018). Improving earwitness lineup accuracy: Does exposure length or target position reduce false alarm rates? NTU SPUR Conference, Nottingham, UK.

Can help with: I’m open to talking things through or being a person to listen.  I’m a good person to bounce ideas off. I am at the beginning of my PhD and am sure my skills and knowledge will quickly grow so I will be able to offer more support to others as time goes by. I am currently learning sequence analysis.

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work: my daughter and family, food and drink, walking and going away. In work: a decent brew, having a good relationship with people I work (or sit) with, working IT equipment (!), knowing where to go for support/help/advice when needed.

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