Camila Siebert Altavini

Camila AltaviniInstitutions: University of São Paulo and Univeristy of Brasília, Brazil.

Supervisory team: Professor Dr. Wang Yuan-Pang.

Position: PhD student and Clinical Psychologist (Technical Staff).

Current research: I am interested in understanding the epidemiology of suicidal thoughts and behaviour among young adults. My PhD research explores the prevalence and the factors associated with college students’ suicide ideation, using a nationwide sample of Brazilian college students.

Research interests:

  • Youth suicide
  • Social determinants of mental health and suicide-related outcomes
  • Life-course determinants of mental health and suicide
  • Preventive strategies for youth suicide-related outcomes

Recent Publications:

  • Altavini, C. S., Asciutti, A. P. R., Solis, A. C. O., & Wang, Y.-P. (2022). Revisiting evidence of primary prevention of suicide among adult populations: a systematic overview. Journal of Affective Disorders, 297, 641–656.
  • Altavini, C. S., Asciutti, A. P. R., Solis, A. C. O., Santana, G. L., Lotufo-Neto, F., and Wang, Y.-P. (2022). Suicide among college students: much ado about nothing? Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry.

Can help with: I can help with systematic reviews (e.g. methodology, protocol development, title/abstract screening, and quality assessment); visual communication for posters and oral presentations; helping proof-read chapters/papers. I’m also open to talking about ideas with other researchers and working collaboratively.

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work: my dogs, listening to music, exercising, outdoor activities, cultural activities, spending time with my family, photography, eating good food, and playing video games. In work: coffee breaks, having a good relationship with my supervisor, meeting new people, exploring new research ideas, and knowing when to call it a day and go home.

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