netECR Collective Care

netECR Collective Care

Peer support space for early-career researchers in suicide and self-harm

The project

netECR Collective Care is a peer support space for early-career researchers in suicide and self-harm – netECR members. No matter where you are in the research process, whether under-taking a literature review in the first year of your PhD or conducting data analysis as a post-doc, suicide and self-harm research can have specific emotional demands and sensitivities that it may not be practical or desirable to discuss with line managers or supervisors.

Recognising these challenges, netECR has set up an online reflective practice and peer support space for researchers to meet, discuss practices, and debrief some of the emotions that might be hard to talk about elsewhere, in a structured, supportive environment.

The two spaces we offer are:

Monthly Reflective practice meetings

We meet for monthly, hour-long, confidential meetings in small groups of around 4-6. Regular attendance is strongly encouraged to help build trust within the groups. You do not need to have a ‘problem’ to attend a meeting, as they will be structured around the Gibbs reflective cycle, which can be used to reflect on any element of research practice.

Ad-hoc Peer Support Space

Alongside these monthly meetings will be a peer support space open throughout the month to allow researchers to access more timely support during particularly heightened moments of the research process. This space will enable researchers to call upon the community for support on an ad-hoc basis to debrief about the emotional and psychological impact of a particular aspect of work.

netECR members who are qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods researchers at any stage in their research career are welcome.

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