Katerina Kavalidou

Institution: National Suicide Research Foundation, WHO Collaborating Centre for Surveillance and Research in Suicide Prevention, University College Cork, Ireland.

Current research: I am currently working on registries related to self-harm and suicide.

Research interests:

  • Patterns of multimorbidity and risk of suicidal behaviours and suicide.
  • Access to multiple medications as a risk factor of suicide attempts and suicide.
  • Health care services as a suicide intervention point.
  • The effect of international media coverage of suicide on national suicide rates.

Key publications

Can help with: Available as a clinician, researcher and friend. Research-wise I can help with: multiple wave/prospective cohort analysis; how to handle large number of research-related items through an endnote-excel initiative; grant proposals.

What’s essential to your well-being: Travelling, spending time with good friends, my pup, cooking and drinking good wine.

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