netECR e-Conference 2020

Welcome to the netECR e-Conference 2020 Webpage!

We are delighted to be running our first e-Conference on Friday, the 27th of November 2020! The main aim of our e-conference is promoting the fantastic work that netECR members have been conducting across the world, and you are more than welcome to attend! Check out all information below!

Check out who will be our keynote speaker and the profile of our netECR presenters.

Here you will find the full programme, including a short description of each presentation.

Attendance is free! However, registration is required. Deadline: 13th November 2020.

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our netECR e-Conference 2020

Information on recording: Unfortunately, the ECR presentations from our e-Conference this year will not be recorded. This is something that we will look at working on in time for e-Conference 2021. The good news is, @JoRobinson_Aus‘s keynote will be recorded and available to all from November 27th.