Journal Club

The netECR journal club has been running since November 2015, and provides a spot where ECRs working in suicide and self-harm can come together to discuss a specific topic of interest. Typically, these hour long group skype-calls tend to focus on a new journal article or report which is suggested by one of our group members, and emailed out in advance of the call. In practise, journal club is like a virtual tea-break where ECRs can discuss their thoughts, ideas for collaboration or share tips and knowledge to help their peers.

There is no expectation on members to attend every journal club, so people can join whenever their diary permits. Our Journal club takes place on the last Friday every 2-months time (generally at 10m (GMT)). Details for the next meeting can be found below:

Our next online journal club session will be on Friday, 30th October 2020, 11am (UK/Ireland time) and we will be discussing the following paper:

Advancing the Understanding of Suicide: The Need for Formal Theory and Rigorous Descriptive Research by Alexander J. Millner, Donald J. Robinaugh, and Matthew K. Nock (2020).

Check out the session time according to your time zone at:

Interested in joining?

You can email us introducing yourself and expressing your interest to join. Please contact us via


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