Emma Nielsen

Institution: University of Nottingham, UK (Self-Harm Research Group)

Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Current research: I am broadly interested in understanding how people respond to, and deal with, the difficult things that they face in their lives. My doctoral work explored whether these transdiagnostic dynamics can help us to understand change in self-harm thoughts and behaviours. Currently, my research involves working with autistic partners, and those who support them, to develop and test the use of autism adapted safety plans aimed at reducing self-harm behaviour.

Research interests:

I have particular research interests in: understanding change in those with a history of self-harm; understanding how people resist acting upon thoughts of harming; conceptualisations of ‘recovery’; creative methodologies; protective factors; scalable interventions; public perceptions of self-harm and suicide; involvement.

Key publications:

  • Wadman, R., Nielsen, E., Brown, K., Williams, A. J., O’Raw, L., Sayal., K. & Townsend, E. (2019). “These things don’t work”. Young people’s views on harm minimisation strategies as a proxy for self-harm:  A mixed methods approach. Archives of Suicide Research.
  • Padmanathan, P., Biddle, L., Hall, K., Scowcroft, E., Nielsen, E., & Knipe, D. (2019). Language use and suicide: An online cross-sectional survey. PLoS One. 14 (6): e0217473.
  • Nielsen, E., Sayal, K., & Townsend, E. (2017). Dealing with difficult days: Functional coping dynamics in self-harm ideation and enactment. Journal of Affective Disorders, 208, 330-337.

Can help with: I’m generally always open to talking things through or being a person to listen. More specifically, I can help with applications for study visits and travel grants, and thinking around involvement and engagement work.

What’s essential to your well-being:

Outside of work: my cats, painting and blustery outdoor days in the Peak District.

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