Lauren Harris

Institution: Florida State University, Department of Psychology, USA.

Supervisory team: Dr. Jessica D. Ribeiro.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am interested in elucidating the causal mechanisms underlying suicidal behaviors. My research leverages experimental techniques to test causal hypotheses about suicide.

Research interests:

  • Causal processes underlying suicidal behaviors
  • How biological deprivation states (e.g., sleep deprivation, hunger) may contribute to suicidality
  • Constructionist approach to understanding suicide (e.g., how our conceptualization of suicide influences our likelihood of having suicidal thoughts and/or engaging in suicidal behaviors)

Recent Publications:

  • Harris, L. M., Huang, X., Linthicum, K. P., Bryen, C. P., & Ribeiro, J. D. (2020). Sleep disturbances as risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors: A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 13888.
  • Harris, L. & Ribeiro, J.D. Does Capability for Suicide Mediate the Association Between NSSI and Suicide Attempts? A Longitudinal Study of Over 1,000 High Risk Individuals. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Ribeiro, J.D., Harris, L., Linthicum, K.P., Bryen, C.P. Do Suicidal Behaviors Increase the Capability for Suicide? A Longitudinal Pretest-Posttest Study in over 1,000 High Risk Individuals. (2020). Journal of Clinical Psychological Science.
  • Harris, L., Chelminski, I., Dalrymple, K., Morgan, T., Zimmerman, M. (2018). Emotion regulation and suicide attempts in psychiatric outpatients. Journal of Affective Disorders, 232, 300-304.

Can help with: Writing is one of my strengths, and I am happy to help out with editing papers and providing feedback on clarity, style, and/or grammar. I am currently learning R and Mplus.

What’s essential to your well-being?
Outside of work: exercise, my cat, hiking (mountains are a must), baking/cooking
In work: my wonderful labmates, dedicated writing time, caffeine, my advisor’s support and expertise, snacks.

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