Sarah Sullivan

Institution: James J Peters VAMC; Teachers College at Columbia University, USA.

Supervisory team: Dr. Marianne Goodman, MD; Dr. Christine Cha, PhD.

Position: Lab Manager; Research Assistant.

Current research: Throughout my time at the VA and TC, I became passionate about the etiology, assessment, and treatment of suicide risk. My work fostered aspirations of using real-time monitoring technologies to identify suicide risk factors and inform ‘just in time’ interventions.

Research interests:

  • Ecological momentary assessment/intervention
  • ‘Just in time’ interventions
  • Innovative risk assessments & digital phenotypes of suicidal thinking and risky decision-making
  • Novel interventions in a group, family or dyad settings

Recent Publications:

  • Gromatsky, M., Edwards, E. R., Sullivan, S.R., Goodman, M., & Hazlett, E. (in press). Distinguishing suicidal ideation from suicide attempt history in Veterans: The role of emotion reactivity. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. Accepted 2 October 2020.
  • Sullivan, S.R., Bell, K-A., Spears, A.P., Mitchell, E.M., & Goodman, M. (in press). No community left behind: A call for action during the COVID-19 pandemic. Psychiatric Services.
  • Gromatsky, M., Sullivan, S.R., Spears, A. P., Mitchell, E., Walsh, S., Kimbrel, N. A., & Goodman, M. (2020). Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) of mental health outcomes in veterans and service members: A scoping review. Psychiatry Research, 113359.
  • Goodman, M., Sullivan, S.R., Spears, A. P., Dixon, L., Sokol, Y., Kapil-Pair, K. N., Galfalvy, H.C., Hazlett, E.A. & Stanley, B. (2020). An open trial of a suicide safety planning group treatment: “Project Life Force.” Archives of Suicide Research, 1-14.
  • Goodman, M., Brown, G.K., Galfalvy, H.C., Spears, A.P., Sullivan, S.R., Kapil-Pair, K.N., Jager-Hyman, S., Dixon, L., Thase, M. & Stanley, B. (2020). Group (“Project Life Force”) versus individual suicide safety planning: A randomized clinical trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 17, 100520.

Can help with: I am happy to be a mock participant for anyone designing a new study and to give feedback on study designs, concepts and recruitment strategies. I also have experience assisting scientific events (e.g., conferences)!

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work: my dog – Ellie Mae; spending time at the beach. In work: coffee & snack breaks; balancing working on funded projects and having brainstorm sessions about innovative ideas for manuscripts or future projects

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