Anita Hunsager

Anita HunsagerInstitution: National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care; NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre AS, Bergen, Norway.

Supervisory team: Dr Ingrid H. Johansen, Research Professor Tone Morken and Professor Edvin Schei.

Position: MD and PhD student.

Current research: My PhD research is exploring the role of frontline clinical services (Accident and Emergency Departments) and how they work with people suffering from self-injurious behaviour, identifying facilitators and barriers to utilisation of those services.

Research interests:

  • Acute care for nonsuicidal self-harm
  • Facilitation of help-seeking
  • Patients’ participation in improving health services
  • “The good patient meeting” in the acute context

Can help with: I can share clinical knowledge and experience related to self-harm and suicidality. Currently, I’m gaining experience in mixed-methods systematic review, which I am happy to share. I would love to grow some cross-border networks and collaboration. Always happy to discuss and to listen.

What’s essential to your well-being? Family time – silent time – dancing time. Gardening around the house. Successful reuse and upcycling. Good cinema films or good books and a good caffe latte. A hammock in a forest. Sand beach. Travelling by train.

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