Karima Susi

Institutions: Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Leicester; Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Nottingham; Centre for Suicide Research, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Oxford, England.

Supervisory team: Rebecca Knowles-Bevis, Anne Stewart, Karen Lascelles and Keith Hawton.

Position: Clinical Psychologist.

Current research: My clinical doctoral research at the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and Research focused on:

  • Safety planning practice in adult NHS services, and staff and patients experience of safety planning
  • A systematic review on the impact of viewing self-harm-related imagery on social media and online
  • The experiences of self-harm-related mental imagery in young people

As a qualified clinical psychologist who works in the NHS with young people and adults with severe and enduring mental health difficulties alongside self-harm and suicidality, I am keen to continue to build on my doctoral research, and I have secured funding to develop a mental imagery intervention for young people who self-harm.

Research Interests:

  • Mental imagery
  • Impact of images on social media
  • Safety planning
  • Mixed methods
  • Experience sampling
  • Translational research
  • Co-design and lived experience

Key Publications:

  • Susi, K., Glover-Ford, F., Stewart, A., Knowles-Bevis, R., & Hawton, K. (under review). Viewing self-harm images on the internet and social media platforms: systematic review of the impact and associated psychological mechanisms.
  • Wales, J., Brewin, N., Susi, K., Eivors, A., Whight, D., & Leatherhead, R. (2021). Experience of transition between a child and adolescent service and adult service for the treatment of eating disorders. Mental Health Review Journal, 26(2), 128-142.
  • Jewell, T., Gardner, T., Susi, K., Watchorn, K., Coppey, E., Simic, M., Fonagy., P., Eisler, I. (2019). Attachment measures in middle childhood and adolescence: A systematic review of measurement properties. Clinical Psychology Review, 68, 71-82.
  • Vogt, C., Williams, T., Susi, K., & Harrison, S. (2018). Differences in measurements of hyperactivity between objective testing using infrared motion analysis (QbTest) and behavioural rating scales when comparing problems in alerting functions and response inhibition during the clinical assessment of ADHD. A case study. Psychological Disorders and Research, 1(2), 1-6.
  • Hall, D., & Susi, K. (2015). Chapter 15. Hemodynamic imaging of the auditory cortex. Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 129, 257-275.

Can help with: I’m always happy to have a conversation about research or non-work-related topics! I like to brainstorm new research ideas and have experience of doing research with young people in clinical settings, as well as mixed methods and qualitative research. I would like to learn more about experience sampling methodology and collaborate with other early career researchers in the field.

What’s essential to your well-being? My dog, Milo, going for long walks in the Nottinghamshire countryside, cooking and baking, seeing friends and family, and travelling.

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