Yawen Zheng

Yawen ZhengInstitution: Suicidal Behavioural Research Laboratory, Institute of Health & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Supervisory team: Professor Rory O’Connor and Professor Jonathan Evans.

Position: PhD student in Mental Health.

Current research: My research mainly focuses on investigating the dynamic nature of suicidal ideation and the factors presumed to influence the presence, intensity, and frequency of suicidal ideation.

Research interests:

  • Dynamic nature of suicidal ideation
  • Risk factors related to the fluctuations in suicidal ideation, e.g., cognitive reactivity, ego depletion, and impulsivity.

Can help with: Academia — I am glad to help with teasing out the thought process when facing a massive knowledge input (e.g., literature review), setting up online surveys, and discussing experimental designs and innovative research ideas.
Self-growth — I am open to listening to people and working with them throughout the journey of self-exploration; especially on valuing the mind-body connection, stepping out of the comfort zone, and finding/regaining motivation, etc.

What’s essential to your well-being? I generally love music, drawing, and calligraphy. However, the fundamental elements to keep me grounded, especially on those days I feel overwhelmed, are being consistent with my daily habits (e.g., morning workout, meditation, healthy diet) and knowing when to stop/take a break in a period that I have been pushing myself too hard.

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