Alkiviadis Koskotas

Alkiviadis KoskotasInstitution: Lothian Eating Disorders Service, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Scotland.

Supervisory team: Dr Maria Gardani; Dr Tiago C Zortea.

Position: Psychological Therapist; Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology.

Current research: Exploring lived experiences of nightmares and suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Research interests:

  • Perceived diminished problem-solving abilities during suicide risk
  • Impulsivity within suicide risk
  • Evidence-based treatment for suicide risk
  • Historical perceptions of psychosis

Can help with: Always open to hear about any interests or concerns from others. Happy to share some experience in qualitative design and analysis and learn from others.

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work, I’m interested in Muay Thai, Rugby, blues, satirical films, documentaries, whiskey, hiking, long stays on the beach, and all things Corgi- and Golden Retriever-related.

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