Parvathy Ramesh

Institution: Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, England.

Supervisory team: Professor Catherine Robinson, Dr Rebecca McPhillips, Dr Kirsten Windfuhr.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: I am researching suicide and self-harm among Indian women. My PhD project will focus on gender-specific risk and protective factors in India and will examine how the sociocultural and religious context in India shapes suicidal behaviour and help-seeking among Indian women.

Research interests:

  • Cultural differences in suicide risk
  • Gender and suicide
  • Cultural and religious aspects of self-harm and suicide

Can help with: I’m familiar with systematic and scoping reviews and am happy to help with the steps involved and literature recommendations. I’m also comfortable providing advice on applying for development-related grants and funding applications for researchers and students from low- and middle-income countries. I’m currently learning how to use NVivo.

What’s essential to your well-being? When I’m not writing (awful) fantasy fiction, I volunteer with Student Minds and the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

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