Jo Lockwood

Institution: University of Nottingham (NIHR MindTech MedTech Cooperative), England.

Position: Research Fellow.

Current research: I am interested in child and adolescent mental health with a particular research interest in self-harm and suicide in young people. My  work has typically involved exploring mental health issues with young people, families and teachers. My PhD completed at Nottingham explored impulsivity and self-harm in adolescence. I currently work at MindTech where my research looks more generally at the role of digital mental health interventions and innovations for and with children and young people, families, education providers and clinicians. I am interested in exploring innovations in relation to self-harm and suicide research, as part of this I work with partner organisations (such as CAMHS, Harmless, Samaritans, local authorities) to deliver research around self-harm and suicide. I also co-coordinate a Special Interest Research Group focused on young people’s involvement in digital mental health funded by Emerging Minds (YPii_DMH).

Research interests:

  • Impulsivity and adolescent mental health
  • School-based prevention and intervention
  • Digital mental health and new innovations in mental healthcare
  • Involvement and engagement for young people in mental health

Recent Publications:

  • Lockwood J, Townsend E, Allen H, Daley D and Sayal K (2021). What young people say about impulsivity in the short-term build up to self-harm: A qualitative study using card-sort tasks. PLoS ONE. 15(12): e0244319.
  • Lockwood, J., Townsend, E., Daley, D., & Sayal, K. (2020). Impulsivity as a predictor of self-harm onset and maintenance in young adolescents: a longitudinal prospective study. Journal of affective disorders274, 583-592.
  • Lockwood, J., Townsend, E., Royes, L., Daley, D., & Sayal, K. (2018). What do young adolescents think about taking part in longitudinal self-harm research? Findings from a school-based study. Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health12(1), 1-13.
  • Lockwood, J., Daley, D., Townsend, E., & Sayal, K. (2017). Impulsivity and self-harm in adolescence: a systematic review. European child & adolescent psychiatry26(4), 387-402.

Can help with: I’m a good listener and genuinely want to be a supportive colleague. As someone who came to academia later in life, and while juggling childcare and caring responsibilities, I’m really open to talking to other mature students navigating this challenge. If I can help with any advice around teaching/supervision (at undergrad/post-grad level) I’m very happy to do so!

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work: My family and friends. My dog. Crafty stuff. Dreaming of doing up my house. Inside work: My fab work friends. Coffee, tea, repeat.

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