Ilana Gratch

Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University (Lab for Clinical and Developmental Studies, Clinical Psychology Program), USA.

Supervisory team: Dr. Christine Cha.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am broadly interested in novel methodological approaches to short-term suicide risk assessment and intervention. My current research explores behavioral markers of suicide risk in young adults and adolescents.

Research interests:

  • Behavioral markers
  • Ecological momentary assessment
  • Interventions for short-term suicide risk

Recent Publications:

  • Gratch, I., Choo, T.H., Galfalvy, H., Keilp, J.G., Itzhaky, L., Mann, J.J., Oquendo, M.A. & Stanley, B. (2020). Detecting suicidal thoughts: The power of ecological momentary assessment. Depression and Anxiety. Online Early View. doi:10.1002/da.23043
  • Itzhaky L., Gratch, I., Galfalvy, H., Keilp, J., Sublette, M.E., Mann, J.J., Oquendo, M.A., & Stanley, B. (2020). Psychosocial risk factors and outcomes associated with suicide attempts in childhood: A retrospective study. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 125, 129-135. doi:10.1016/j.jpsychires.2020.03.008
  • Chung, B., Tezanos, K., Gratch, I., & Cha, C.B. (2019). Depressed and suicidal patients in the emergency department: An evidence-based approach. Emergency Medicine Practice, 21(5), 1-24.

Can help with: Always happy to talk through study conceptualization and design, pre-registration, and manuscript writing. I am currently learning R.

What’s essential to your well-being? Time with family and friends, the outdoors, and coffee.

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