Elizabeth (Liz) Dudeney

Institution: City, University of London, School of Health Sciences, Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, England.

Supervisory team: Professor Susan Ayers, Professor Rose McCabe, Dr Rose Coates.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: Identifying women at risk of suicide in pregnancy and after birth, with specific attention to assessment methods. The primary aim of my research is to develop an acceptable, valid and reliable method of identifying perinatal women at risk of suicide, that is both evidence-based and practical to use in primary care. It is anticipated that this will provide a means for early identification and intervention, to reduce the adverse outcomes of suicide and/or suicidal thoughts/behaviours in perinatal women.

Research interests:

  • Perinatal suicidal ideation, behaviours and risk
  • Suicide assessment methods in primary care
  • Patient and practitioner led acceptability of screening and assessment methods for suicidal thoughts, behaviours and risk
  • The language we use to discuss self-harm and suicide
  • Barriers to identification and treatment of suicidality in the perinatal population

Can help with: I previously worked at a suicide prevention charity and have a good understanding of community-based training in suicide awareness/engaging in direct and honest conversations. I have some lived experience of perinatal suicidal thoughts, and I’m generally happy to talk about this with people.

What’s essential to your well-being? Running and walking along the seafront. Spending time with my friends, daughter and family – and especially when camping!

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