Camille Davisse-Paturet

Institution: Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, INSERM, France.

Supervisory team: Alexandra Rouquette, Massimiliano Orri, Marie-Claude Geoffroy.

Position: Postdoctoral research fellow.

Current research: I am interested in understanding which and how COVID-19 pandemic-related events impact suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in the general population, using a nationwide French cohort.

Research interests:

  • COVID-19 illness and subsequent suicidal ideation
  • COVID-19 pandemic-related events in individuals with pre-existing mental health disorders
  • Social inequalities and suicidal behaviours
  • Suicidal behaviour in adolescents living with chronic conditions

Selected publications:

  • Scarlett, H., Davisse-Paturet, C., …, Melchior, M. (2021). Depression during the COVID-19 pandemic amongst residents of homeless shelters in France. Journal of Affective Disorders Reports, 6, 100243.
  • Davisse-Paturet, C., Adel-Patient, K., …, de Lauzon-Guillain, B. (2020). Breastfeeding initiation or duration and longitudinal patterns of infections up to 2 years and skin rash and respiratory symptoms up to 8 years in the EDEN mother-child cohort. Matern Child Nutr, 16(3), e12935.

Can help with: I can help with questions regarding quantitative epidemiology, longitudinal studies, especially birth cohorts, or using SAS. I have been using logistic regression, group-based trajectory modelling, inverse probability weighting with propensity scores and modified Poisson regression. I am not an expert but if you ever used these, I will try my best to help. Also, if you are interested in doing your research in France I can help with administrative stuff, finding research teams and understanding the research system.

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of work: spending quality time with my little family, going on walks, zumbaing (and making up new words apparently) and trying board games. In work: having colleagues from all ages and various backgrounds because it makes coffee and lunch breaks really fun, and having a trustful and supportive relationship with my supervisor.

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