Charlie Cooper

Institutions: Suicide Prevention Research Unit, Orygen; Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Australia. Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology student, School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Position: Research Assistant, Masters Student.

Current research: I currently work across a large program of research investigating the role of social media in youth suicide prevention, led by Associate Professor Jo Robinson. I am also working on a Delphi Expert Consensus study focused on how suicide researchers can safely and meaningfully form research partnerships with young people who have lived experience of suicide and self-harm.

Research Interests: My primary research interest surrounds the role of social media in youth suicide prevention, particularly for queer young people. I’m especially interested in understanding how social media can be harnessed to better support the needs of LGBTIQA+ school-aged young people who experience suicide and self-harm.

  • Youth Mental Health
  • LGBTIQ+ Young People
  • Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Social Media
  • School settings
  • Participatory research, co-production and lived experience partnerships

Key publications:

  • Tollit, M. A., Pace, C. C., Telfer, M., Hoq, M., Bryson, J., Fulkoski, N., Cooper, C. & Pang, K. C. (2019). What are the health outcomes of trans and gender diverse young people in Australia? Study protocol for the Trans20 longitudinal cohort study. BMJ open, 9(11), e032151. 
  • Lai, T. C., Davies, C., Robinson, K., Feldman, D., Elder, C. V., Cooper, C. Ken C. Pang & McDougall, R. (2021). Effective fertility counselling for transgender adolescents: a qualitative study of clinician attitudes and practices. BMJ open, 11(5), e043237.

Can help with: Questions around youth partnerships and involvement in research; co-design; involving young people with lived experience in suicide and self-harm research; Educational and Developmental psychology and clinical practice with adolescents in school settings (I am almost finished my Masters level training).

What’s essential to your well-being? Hanging out with my greyhound Sid, spending time with family (including my five nieces and nephews), running, connecting with the queer community, the beach.

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