Madhav Bhargav

Madhav BhargavInstitution: School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Supervisory team: Dr Lorraine Swords.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: The aim of the present research is to understand the relationship between ACEs and SI among college students, considering a range of mediating and moderating variables and within the context of real-time-monitored stressful periods. The study engages with general health care (specific attention on institutional frameworks) and identifies critical knowledge gaps in normative theories of suicide whilst placing significant attention on factors that mitigate suicidal tendencies.

Research interests:

  • Adversities in Childhood
  • Real-Time Monitoring in Suicide
  • Suicide in adolescents
  • Resiliency Mechanisms

Recent Publications:

  • Bhargav, M., & Swords, L.. Adverse and Positive Childhood Experiences Predict Mental Health During the COIVD-19 Pandemic in College Students. In preparation for Adversity and Resilience Science Journal.
  • Bhargav, M. (2018) Postgraduate Mental Health Survey Report (Pilot Study). Unpublished report prepared for Graduate Students’ Union, Trinity College Dublin. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25115.82723
  • Bhargav, M., & Byrne, R. Culture, Counterfactual Thinking and Moral Judgements. In preparation for Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

  • Bhargav, M., & Barry, J. The Future of Postgraduate Mental Health in Ireland. In preparation for Europe’s Journal of Psychology.

Can help with: I am happy to help in writing and producing engaging content for the website, and other platforms; organising conferences. Any other way I can be a part of the community.

What’s essential to your well-being? For me it is essential to have some genuine conversation with human beings, sipping a nice cup of coffee after a day, watching some eccentric space videos.

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