Session 4: Healthcare Context

By Rebecca Musgrove and Lana Bojanić.

Hospital and community presentations for self-harm: linking across datasets

Prof Nav Kapur, University of Manchester.

Prof Kapur focused on the importance of data linkage between primary and secondary datasets and mortality records. This presentation related to those who were hospitalised due to the self-harm, identified as an important group when considering suicide prevention.  Although recognising that those who are hospitalised don’t represent all people who self-harm, the fact that they’re in contact with services provides an opportunity for intervention. 

Alongside the data linkage project Prof Kapur mentioned the importance of collaboration, both between research groups and between qualitative and quantitative researchers, and gave examples from such collaborations which have deepened understanding of psychological assessment and follow up care.

Perinatal self-harm: Prevalence and correlates

Dr Karyn Ayre, Kings College London.

Dr Ayre talked about her planned research into Perinatal Self Harm using the Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) to try and understand prevalence and the link to suicidal intention and suicide. She highlighted some of the issues around stigma in reporting self-harm particularly in new mothers as well as issues of assessing intentionality when it is not always clear to the patients themselves.


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Rebecca Musgrove (@beckymus) is currently researching for a PhD in Epidemiology with a focus on suicide and self-harm for people who have recently been discharged from mental health inpatient care. She is also a Senior Analyst in Mental Health at NHS England (Rebecca.musgrove@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk).

Lana Bojanić (@BojanicLana) has a Master’s degree in psychology and is a Research Assistant at the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health, University of Manchester (lana.bojanic-2@manchester.ac.uk).


Featured Image: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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