Journal Club Notes

Self-harm in older adults: systematic review

On Wednesday 27th March at 12pm (GMT) we held our monthly online journal club session to discuss a recent systematic review, which focused on “Self-harm in older adults: systematic review” led by our netECR member, M. Isabela Troya and colleagues . Here are some notes from thoughts shared in our discussion, kindly summarised by Donna… Continue reading Self-harm in older adults: systematic review


Rosie Pendrous

Institution: Centre for Contextual Behavioural Science, University of Chester, England. Supervisory team: Dr Lee Hulbert-Williams, Dr Kevin D. Hochard, and Professor Nick Hulbert-Williams. Position: PhD student and Research Assistant. Current research: My PhD investigates the applications of contextual behavioural science (e.g., third-wave interventions) to proximal predictors of suicide. I am also interested in suicide and… Continue reading Rosie Pendrous


Stephanie Hannam-Swain

Institution: Sheffield Hallam University, England. Supervisory team: Dr Jenny Slater and Dr Karen Dunn. Position: Lecturer in Education and PhD Student. Current research: My PhD research is looking at Disabled people and self-harm from a disability studies perspective. Research interests: Disabled people and self-harm Men and self-harm Older people and self-harm Psycho-emotional disablism Disabled people’s… Continue reading Stephanie Hannam-Swain