2nd netECR Brunch

When launched in September 2017, one of the main aims of netECR was to encourage networking and collaboration between PhDs/ECRs in suicide and self-harm research internationally. Today, the community is comprised of ECRs from many different labs and institutions across the globe. To strengthen the connections made online, and provide an opportunity for others to… Continue reading 2nd netECR Brunch


Abigail Paterson

Institution: School of Psychological Sciences and Health , University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Supervisory team: Dr Mark Elliott, Dr Susan Rasmussen and Dr Louise Brown. Position: PhD Student Current research: Examining the role moderating factors (e.g. cognitive abilities) have in an intervention designed to reduce self-harm. Research interests: Effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce self-harm. Volitional moderators… Continue reading Abigail Paterson