2nd netECR Brunch

When launched in September 2017, one of the main aims of netECR was to encourage networking and collaboration between PhDs/ECRs in suicide and self-harm research internationally. Today, the community is comprised of ECRs from many different labs and institutions across the globe. To strengthen the connections made online, and provide an opportunity for others to join netECR, we hosted our 1st netECR Brunch last year in Glasgow, and it was a huge success. And guess what? We can’t wait for our second one!

The netECR brunch aims to provide a friendly and informal networking environment for MSc/MSci students, RAs, PhD and Post-Doctoral researchers to meet, chat, get to know each other, share experiences of working in the field of suicide research and foster potential future collaborations. If you are attending the EMCR Forum this year, please come along to our netECR Brunch and get involved!

When: Thursday, 6th June 2019 – 10am.
Where: Glasgow, City Centre (venue to be confirmed).
Cost: You’ll only pay for what you consume at the venue.
Registration deadline: 7th May 2019!

Also: Some of us will stay in Glasgow over the weekend. Why not join us for lunch to keep the conversations of research and collaboration going?

Please register HERE!

We will see you in Glasgow!

netECR Editorial Team

Cover Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash.
Banner Photo by nikldn on Unsplash.

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