Session 5: High Risk Groups

By Rebecca Musgrove and Lana Bojanić.

Financial difficulty and suicide: data from frontline staff in commercial debt collection firms

Dr Chris Fitch & Jamie Evans, Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol.

Dr Fitch’s ‘non-health’ angle focused on the presentation of suicidality to the frontline staff of commercial debt collection firms.  They found that a quarter of frontline staff had had a disclosure of suicidality in the last year. He emphasised this opportunity to intervene and provide support, and stressed the importance of research and suicide prevention which extends beyond the health sector.


Participatory consultation with midlife men to inform self-harm interventions

Caroline Turley, Head of Qualitative Methodology, NatCen.

Caroline Turley gave an overview of a study on midlife men who had attempted suicide and family members of midlife men who had died by suicide. She highlighted that men sometimes don’t recognise their own need as a priority, and may not have the language to express their situation or seek help.  Her recommendations were multi-level and outlined on her slide below.


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Rebecca Musgrove (@beckymus) is currently researching for a PhD in Epidemiology with a focus on suicide and self-harm for people who have recently been discharged from mental health inpatient care. She is also a Senior Analyst in Mental Health at NHS England (Rebecca.musgrove@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk).

Lana Bojanić (@BojanicLana) has a Master’s degree in psychology and is a Research Assistant at the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health, University of Manchester (lana.bojanic-2@manchester.ac.uk).


Featured Image: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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