Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention at the individual level: The role of empathy in saving lives

By Tiago Zortea.

Every year, the 10th of September marks world suicide prevention day, with thousands of people across the globe calling for action to reduce deaths by suicide and save lives [1]. Suicide prevention strategies can be implemented at several different levels with interventions including: (i) restricting individuals’ access to the means of suicide, (ii) promoting responsible media coverage of suicide, (iii) improving mental health care systems and training health professionals, and finally (iv) ensuring societal support for the implementation of these interventions.

Suicide prevention strategies are predicated on the knowledge that suicide is not an inevitable phenomenon [2]. While the interventions above are directed at a societal level, there is much that can be achieved at the individual level too.

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Tiago Zortea (@zortea_tiago) is a Clinical Psychologist, MSc Psychology & Human Ethology, and a PhD student in the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory, University of Glasgow (

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