netECR World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) and many of our netECR members have come together to provide new blog posts covering a range of topics related to suicide and self-harm. The articles present a wide collection of views, experiences, and perspectives on suicide and self-harm including themes around research, lived experiences, suicide prevention policies, cultural issues, scientific practices, and public engagement. In this WSPD edition, we also have two interviews on career advice with Prof Siobhan O’Neill (Ulster University, Ireland) and Prof Thomas Joiner (Florida State University, USA) conducted by netECR members Kirsten Russell and Ryn Linthicum, respectively. We hope that these blog posts will help those involved in the field of suicide prevention to expand their views on the topic, influencing and advancing practices of prevention and intervention, and ultimately helping to save lives.

Huge thanks to all members who have contributed, in alphabetical order:

Piumee Bandara, Sadhbh Byrne, Laura del Carpio, Valerie J. Douglas, Austin J. Gallyer, Hayley Gorton, Kamelia Harris, Laura Hemming, Olivia Kirtley, Jessica Leather, Ryn Linthicum, Abigail Paterson, Mirabel Pelton, Rosie Pendrous, Elystan Roberts, Wouter van Ballegooijen

Great to see another fantastic contribution to mark WSPD!

Tiago, Emma, Donna & Kirsten, the netECR Editorial Team

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Blog posts

“When your research topic becomes too close to home”

“The importance of remembering weight in suicide prevention”

“The need for a “Psychological Science Accelerator” in suicide research”

“Researching domestic violence and suicidal behaviour in Sri Lanka”

“‘Put the effort in and you’ll get there in the end’: People’s experiences of resilience to suicidal thoughts and behaviours”

“Community pharmacy: An untapped resource in suicide prevention?”

“How smartphones can revolutionise suicide research”

See What I’m Saying? Using creative methods to open up conversations around self-harm, suicide and ‘recovery’”

“Tips for collecting data through an external organisation”

“Out of the lab and into everyday life: Using Experience Sampling Methods to better understand self-harm and suicide”

“Approaches to suicide in Finland: Reflections from an international secondment”

“Experiences of online recruitment for suicide research: Some best practice recommendations”

“The balancing act: Empowerment and agency versus protection and safety – Reflecting on the requirement for active parental consent in suicide research with young people”

“3 things we should know about suicide in autistic adults”

“Is there an association between pubertal timing and self-harm?”



Interview: Career advice from Siobhan O’Neill

Interview: Career advice from Thomas Joiner




*Featuring photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash.

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