A Year in Review: netECR 2018

Mince pies are being eaten, research group meals are underway and School Christmas Jumper photos are hitting social media. This can mean just one thing: the holidays are nearly upon us!

With the year drawing to an end, we thought it is the perfect time to review the feedback from the netECR survey. Thank you to all who contributed and have helped us to take stock of where we are at and consider what lies ahead for 2019.

Below is a visual summary of what netECR members think and feel about being part of the network. Thank you to everyone for being part of this journey with us, and for helping us create the supportive and positive platform where people can connect that our members really value. We have some big plans in development for 2019 – we look forwards to sharing these with you and thank you for contributing to the co-operative environment that will make the collaborative plans ahead possible.


Together we truly are stronger.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful holiday – and to gently remind you that it is totally okay to switch off. Happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2019!

netECR Editorial Team



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