Kamelia Harris

Institution: Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, England. Position: Trial Manager/Project Coordinator. Current research: My research interests relate to understanding the development and treatment of psychosis and related mental health problems, as well as suicidal experiences. My PhD investigated the relationships between psychological resilience and suicidal thoughts and behaviours in people experiencing non-affective… Continue reading Kamelia Harris


Olivia Rogerson

Institution: Health and Social Psychology Research Group, School of Psychology, University of Leeds, England. Supervisory team: Professor Daryl O’Connor (Leeds) and Professor Rory O’Connor (Glasgow). Position: ESRC 1+3 PhD student, currently in the +1 master’s year. Current research: My PhD research aims to explore the mechanisms underpinning childhood trauma, chronic stress and suicide. I am interested… Continue reading Olivia Rogerson


Mirabel Pelton

Institution: Centre for Innovative Research Across the Life Course, Coventry University. Supervisory team: Dr Sarah Cassidy, Dr Ashley Robertson, Dr Jacqui Rodgers, Dr Hayley Crawford. Position: PhD Student. Current research: I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of suicidal thoughts and behaviours amongst autistic people. Research interests: Suicide in autism spectrum conditions The influence of autistic… Continue reading Mirabel Pelton


Olivia Kirtley

Institution: Center for Contextual Psychiatry, KU Leuven, Belgium. Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Current research: I am broadly interested in the roles of pain and emotion regulation in psychological distress, and specifically in self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Currently, I am leading SIGMA, a large-scale, longitudinal study of adolescent mental health and development, using experience… Continue reading Olivia Kirtley


Faraz Mughal

Institution: School of Medicine, Keele University, England. Supervisory team: Professors Carolyn Chew-Graham, Lisa Dikomitis, Gillian Lancaster, and Ellen Townsend. Position: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Doctoral Fellow. Current research: I am a general practitioner (GP) and chief investigator of the NIHR funded ‘COPING’ study which aims to co-produce a GP-led psychosocial intervention to reduce… Continue reading Faraz Mughal


“They aren’t all like that”: Perceptions of clinical services, as told by self-harm online communities

New research by A. Jess Williams, Emma Nielsen & Neil Coulson explores views about clinical services as expressed self-harm online communities, in order to understand which services are being used and why? Check out the full paper: “They aren’t all like that”: Perceptions of clinical services, as told by self-harm online communities. Featuring Photo by… Continue reading “They aren’t all like that”: Perceptions of clinical services, as told by self-harm online communities


Catharina Voss

Institution: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany (Chair of Behavioural Epidemiology). Supervisory team: Professor Katja Beesdo-Baum. Position: Research assistant and PhD Student. Current research: I am interested in understand epidemiological basics of suicidal behaviours like ideation, plan and attempt as well as their association with short-term mood and behaviour dynamics in daily life. Thereby, my PhD give… Continue reading Catharina Voss


Jessica Leather

Institution: Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, England. Supervisory team: Professor Chris Armitage, Professor Nav Kapur and Professor Stephen Campbell. Position: PhD Student Current research: My project aims to explore healthcare professionals’ experiences encountering patients at risk of self-harm, and to understand the barriers to implementing NICE guidelines for self-harm prevention. Research… Continue reading Jessica Leather


Interview: Career advice from Nav Kapur

Nav Kapur is Professor of Psychiatry and Population Health at the Centre for Mental Health & Safety, at The University of Manchester and an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.      What are your main research interests? My career has been focused on suicide prevention research but with… Continue reading Interview: Career advice from Nav Kapur