LHR-BOS-LHR and the learning in between: Reflections on an OIV visiting fellowship

By Emma Nielsen.

Hands up who has a favourite academic paper? You might not like to admit it but, if you do, you are amongst company. I certainly have a favourite. It is a paper I read as an undergraduate that challenged my thinking and got me engaged and questioning in a way no other paper had before. It also played a big part in sparking the idea that later became my PhD.

Having a favourite paper is one thing. The prospect of approaching the author to discuss the possibility of going to work with them on a visiting fellowship is quite another. But that is exactly what we did. After being prompted to think about an overseas study visit at a conference, at the start of the year my supervisor and I started planning.  Ten months later, I was sat in departures at London Heathrow (LHR), awaiting a flight to Boston (BOS) to spend two months at Professor Matt Nock’s Lab, Harvard University.

Why did I go and what did I learn?

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Emma Nielsen (@EmmaLNielsen) is a PhD student in the Self-Harm Research Group (SHRG), University of Nottingham ( and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health.

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