Kim Setkowski

Institution: 113 Suicide Prevention, The Netherlands.

Supervisory team: Prof. Dr. Anton J. L. M. van Balkom and Dr. Renske Gilissen.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: My PhD research is currently focused on evaluating the impact and feasibility of a Suicide PRevention Action NETwork (SUPRANET Care) in the Netherlands ( At this moment, sixteen Dutch specialist mental healthcare institutions are participating in this learning network. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the number of suicides in mental healthcare by improving the quality of care for patients with suicidality. All participating mental healthcare institutions share the ambition to optimize suicide prevention. My PhD research explores whether this network is effective in: 1) reducing the number of suicides, 2) increasing the registration of suicide attempts, and 3) improving professionals’ knowledge and adherence to the suicide prevention guideline. Also, the feasibility of this network will be investigated.

Research interests:

  • Suicide prevention in specialist mental healthcare
  • Implementation studies
  • Evidence-based guidelines

Recent Publications:

  • Setkowski, K., van Balkom, A.J.L.M., Dongelmans, D.A., & Gilissen, R. (2020). Prioritizing suicide prevention guideline recommendations in specialist mental healthcare: a Delphi study. BMC Psychiatry, 20(1), 1-11. doi: 10.1186/s12888-020-2465-0
  • Setkowski, K., Gilissen, R., Franx, G., Mokkenstorm, J.K., van den Ouwelant, A., & van Balkom, A.J.L.M. (in press). Practice variation in the field of suicide prevention in Dutch mental healthcare. Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie.
  • Setkowski, K., Mokkenstorm, J., van Balkom, A.J.L.M., Franx, G., Verbeek- van Noord, I., Dongelmans, D.A., Eikelenboom, M., & Gilissen, R. (2018). Feasibility and impact of data-driven learning within the suicide prevention action network of thirteen specialist mental healthcare institutions (SUPRANET Care) in the Netherlands: a study protocol. BMJ Open, 8(8), 1-6. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-024398

Can help with: I’m often available to brainstorm for new ideas within the field of suicide prevention research. In general, I can help with questions regarding implementation research. I can help out with expertise in systematic reviews or network meta-analyses (or answer questions about Covidence). I have experience with conducting multilevel and longitudinal analyses in SPSS and STATA. I also work with big data.

What’s essential to your well-being? Spending time with family and friends, fitness, being outdoors, and good food and cooking.

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