A Year in Review: netECR 2019

Longer nights are drawing in, city centres are twinkling with holiday lights and faculty are donning winter jumpers: winter is firmly on its way and Christmas is just around the corner (…and we are writing from the northern hemisphere!).

With the winter break fast approaching, and netECR members preparing for a well-deserved holiday, we thought we would take the opportunity to recap on the last year and extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who have contributed to make the network what it is.

As well as welcoming new members to the network, 2019 has seen a growth in our content and shared resources. This year we have published 25 new blog posts with content as rich and as varied as the expertise of the network. The posts have covered a range of academic and methodological issues, contemporary topics in suicide prevention, overlooked areas and reflections gleaned through lived experience; in many ways addressing the who, what, where, why, whens and hows of conducting research in this field. These posts include the hugely successful push for World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day. Thank you to all those who rallied to ensure that we played our part in engaging and evidence-based discussions across these days (as well as many other days!).

A number of senior researchers have shared their time and experiences with netECR across 2019. Thank you to Professors Thomas Joiner, Siobhan O’Neill, David Gunnell and Nav Kapur for sharing reflections and careers advise with us.

This year we have met up as a network twice. Thank you to all those who joined us in Glasgow. In addition to some excellent brunching the meet offered us the opportunity to think about future directions of netECR. There truly are some exciting prospects in the pipeline. Thanks to IASP ECG and all those who came to our joint social at IASP Derry – it was great to see so many ECRs coming together and getting to know each other offline.

In alphabetical order, big thank yous to our interviewers, blog authors and those who have taken and shared journal club notes with the network in 2019:

Abigail Paterson; A. Jess Williams; Austin J. Gallyer; Elystan Roberts; Hayley Gorton; Hazel Marzetti; Helen Fay; Hilary Causer; Hilary Norman; Ian Hussey; Isabela Troya; James Jopling; Jessica Leather; Joeri Vandewalle; Kamelia Harris; Katherine Brown; Lana Bojanić; Laura del Carpio; Laura Hemming; Mirabel Pelton; Olivia Kirtley; Piumee Bandara; Rebecca Musgrove; Rosie Pendrous; Ryn Linthicum; Sadhbh Byrne; Sophia Fedorowicz; Stephanie Hannam-Swain; Valerie Douglas; Wouter van Ballegooijen.

The netECR Editorial Team would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for making the network the supportive platform that it is, as well as extended seasons greetings to you all. Remember that it is okay to take a break and we look forwards to working together in 2020.

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