Charlotte Huggett

Institution: Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK; Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, England. Supervisory team: Dr Trish Gooding, Dr Dan Pratt and Dr Sarah Peters. Position: Trainee Clinical Psychologist. Current research: I am interested in understanding the client-therapist alliance, particularly in a psychological intervention looking at reducing suicidal thoughts, plans and… Continue reading Charlotte Huggett


(Blindly) following trends: Google Trends data in suicide research

By Lana Bojanić The development of new software and platforms has attracted the attention of researchers in psychology and other behavioural sciences for decades now. From using it for easier data collection, as many do with online questionnaires, to harvesting digital footprint from social media, more and more researchers are embracing these new resources. One… Continue reading (Blindly) following trends: Google Trends data in suicide research