Katherine Brown

Institution: University of Nottingham, England.

Supervisory team: Self-Harm Research Group.

Position: Honorary Research Assistant.

Current research: I am most interested in research related to self-harm, especially when it involves those with ‘lived experience’ and enables participants voices to be directly heard. However I am also interested in mental health research more broadly, having conducted research on topics such as war trauma and diagnostic criteria.

Research interests:

  • Environmental factors’ influence on self-harming behaviours
  • Method selection during self-harm episodes
  • Building effective support networks for those facing mental health difficulties
  • Work with ‘seldom heard’ groups

Key publications:

  • Brown, K. & Hunt, N., (2017), Systematic Reviews in Psychology: Time to Review their use?, PsyPag Quarterly, Vol. 104, pp. 25-27

Can help with: I’m a good person to vent to regarding academic/professional stress and worry – I’m always free to provide a listening ear! I have experience of supporting those with mental health difficulties both personally and professionally, so can help refine research depending on its target audience. I can also help with planning research for inpatient settings as I have worked in a low secure hospital for several years. 

What’s essential to your well-being? Generally speaking: my cats; comedy TV shows; comfort food; music; good books; clear plans; time at home. Specifically at work: clear feedback from others (including positive!); knowing who to go to for help; flexible working approaches; feeling like I’m progressing

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