Kerry Hozhabrafkan

Institution: Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, England. Supervisory team: Dr Sarah Peters, Dr Patricia Gooding. Position: PhD student. Current research: My project aims to investigate how suicide research can be conducted safely and in a way that is acceptable and meaningful to those who participate. Using mixed methods I will explore… Continue reading Kerry Hozhabrafkan


Ilana Gratch

Institution: Teachers College, Columbia University (Lab for Clinical and Developmental Studies, Clinical Psychology Program), USA. Supervisory team: Dr. Christine Cha. Position: PhD student. Current research: I am broadly interested in novel methodological approaches to short-term suicide risk assessment and intervention. My current research explores behavioral markers of suicide risk in young adults and adolescents. Research… Continue reading Ilana Gratch


Andrew McMahon

Institution: University of Newcastle / Everymind, Australia. Supervisory team: Dr Sally Fitzpatrick (Everymind), Professor Myfanwy Maple (Uni of New England), Dr Sarah Wayland (Uni of New England), Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin (Uni of Newcastle). Position: PhD student. Current research: My PhD research is exploring the needs of caregivers of a person who has attempted suicide. What… Continue reading Andrew McMahon


Eleanor Bailey

Institution: Orygen; Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne; Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. Supervisory team: A/Prof Jo Robinson, A/Prof Simon Rice, A/Prof Maja Nedeljkovic. Position: PhD (Clinical Psychology) student and Research Assistant. Current research: I am interested in the ways the internet and digital technologies can be used to support youth at risk… Continue reading Eleanor Bailey


Getting reflexive: Reflections from a data loving researcher

By Rebecca Musgrove I’ve always loved numbers. I have vivid memories of the excitement of solving complicated A-level maths problems. I enjoyed the lack of ambiguity; either the answer was right or it was wrong. It was knowable. Twenty years later, via a career implementing community health projects, where there is rarely one straightforward solution,… Continue reading Getting reflexive: Reflections from a data loving researcher