Suicide Prevention

Media Matters: The impact of media reporting of suicide

By Emma Nielsen.

Sometimes it feels like the world is full of a lot of rules: don’t walk on the grass, eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, double space after a period if (and only if) that full stop marks the end of the sentence in APA formatting. Sometimes this guidance feels trivial and rules feel restrictive and pedantic. The guidelines for the media reporting of suicide probably fall under this category for some people. Perhaps at first glance they seem overly prescriptive and counter to creative expression or editorial judgement.  But despite first impressions some rules really matter. The guidelines for media reporting have been put in place for a specific reason and by people that really understand.

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Emma Nielsen (@EmmaLNielsen) is a PhD student in the Self-Harm Research Group (SHRG), University of Nottingham ( and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health.

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