Editorial Team

Hello! Behind the organisation of this website, there is an editorial team working hard to provide the best online platform for Early Career Researchers in Suicide and Self-harm. In alphabetic order, we are:


Donna Littlewood
(@donnalittlewood) is a Research Association in the Division of Psychology & Mental Health, University of Manchester (donna.littlewood@manchester.ac.uk).


Emma Nielsen
(@EmmaLNielsen) is a PhD student in the Self-Harm Research Group (SHRG), University of Nottingham (emma.nielsen@nottingham.ac.uk) and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health.


Kirsten Russell
(@Kirsten_Russell) is  a PhD student within the School of Psychological Sciences and Health, University of Strathclyde (kirsten.russell@strath.ac.uk).


Tiago C. Zortea
(@zortea_tiago) is a Clinical Psychologist, MSc Psychology & Human Ethology, and a PhD student in the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory, University of Glasgow (t.carlos-zortea.1@research.gla.ac.uk).