Tiago C. Zortea

Institution: Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and Research, University of Oxford, England.

Supervisory team: Prof Paul Salkovskis, Dr Louise Johns, and Prof Craig Steel.

Position: Trainee Clinical Psychologist; Hon. Postdoctoral Researcher.

Current research: Early and current determinats of vulnerability for suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Research interests: Vulnerability for suicidal thoughts and behaviours; attachment relationship crisis and coping mechanisms; brief intervention for suicidal crisis; evidence-based treatment for suicide risk; masculinity and suicide; theoretical models of suicidal behaviour; innovative methodological and analytical techniques to understand mental health and suicidal behaviour; public policies for suicide prevention; intervention for suicidal behaviour applied to public health systems; history, philosophy, and anthropology of suicidal behaviour.

Recent Publications:

  • Zortea, T. C., Cleare, S., Wetherall, K., Melson, A. J., O’Connor, R. C. (2021). On Suicide Risk: From Psychological Processes to Clinical Assessment and Intervention. In Gordon J. G. Asmundson. Comprehensive Clinical Psychology Handbook, Second Edition. Elsevier.
  • Zortea, T. C., Brenna, C. T. A., Joyce, M., McClelland, H., Tippett, M., Tran, M. M., Arensman, E., Corcoran, P., Hatcher, S., Heisel, M. J., Links, P., O’Connor, R. C., Edgar, N. E., Cha, Y., Guaiana, G., Williamson, E., Sinyor, M., & Platt, S. (2020). The Impact of Infectious Disease-Related Public Health Emergencies on Suicide, Suicidal Behavior, and Suicidal Thoughts. Crisis, Early view, 1–14.
  • Zortea, T. C., Cleare, S. Melson, A. J., Wetherall, K., & O’Connor, R. C. (2020). Understanding and managing suicide risk. British Medical Bulletin, 134(1)73–84.
  • Zortea, T. C., Gray, C. M., & O’Connor, R. C. (2021). The Relationship Between Adult Attachment and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors: A Systematic Review. Archives of Suicide Research, 25(1), 38–73.
  • Zortea, T. C., Dickson, A., Gray, C. M., O’Connor, R. C. (2019). Associations between experiences of disrupted attachments and suicidal thoughts and behaviours: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Social Science & Medicine, 235, 112408.
  • Zortea, T. C., Gray, C. M., O’Connor, R. (2019). Adult attachment: Investigating the factor structure of the Relationship Scales Questionnaire. Journal of Clinical Psychology, early view.

Can help with: Scientific events leadership and organisation skills; methodological aspects of conducting a systematic review; graphic and visual communication for written and oral presentations; IPA; research proposals; basic analyses in R; WordPress; Mendeley.

What’s essential to your well-being? Jazz, photography, travelling, graphic design, dancing, red wine, cooking, typewriters, letters, gym, postcards, arts, spending time with family, chatting with friends, and quite a few other things.

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