Morgan Buerke

Institution: University of Southern Mississippi, United States.

Supervisory team: Daniel Capron, PhD.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am interested in studying how cognitive biases relate to suicide risk, how risk factors for suicide may be related and therefore more directly targetable, and examining the heterogeneity of suicidal behaviour.

Research interests:

  • Risk factors for suicidal ideation and behaviour
  • Decision-making in suicidal behaviour

Recent Publications:

  • Buerke, M., Galfalvy, H., Keilp, J., Sheftall, A., Burke, A., Bridge, J., Mann, J. & Szanto, K. (2021). Age Effects on Clinical and Neurocognitive Risk Factors for Suicide Attempt — Findings from the AFSP Lifespan study. Journal of Affective Disorders.
  • Perry, M.* & Buerke, M.*, Szücs, A., Allen, T., Bruin de Bruine, W., Szanto, K.,  & Dombrovski, A. (2021). A lifetime of challenges: real-life decision outcomes in early- and late-onset suicide attempters.  Journal of Affective Disorders Report,. 4, 100105. *Equal contribution as first authors
  • Buerke, M. (2017). Effects of Anger Rumination. (Electronic Thesis). Published on OhioLink.

Can help with: Always open to mentoring and meeting new people. I can help with learning R and other softwares that can be useful (i.e. RedCap, Inquisit, etc.).

What’s essential to your well-being? My cat, Pluto and my husband, Amir. Also having time for breaks, hiking, and meeting new people! In work: An understanding support system, and being able to be open and honest about feelings, especially when things become overwhelming.

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