Nienke van Alphen

Institution: University of Edinburgh (School of Health in Social Science), Scotland.

Supervisory team: Dr Helen Griffiths & Dr Catherine Varnell.

Position: Trainee Clinical Psychologist.

Current research: I am interested in understanding the systemic impact of adolescent self-harm. My doctoral research explores sibling experiences of growing up with a brother or sister who self-harmed.

Research interests:

  • Adolescent self-injurious thoughts and behaviours
  • Child psychopathology and resilience
  • Family relationships
  • Qualitative research

Recent Publications:

  • van Alphen, N. R.*, Stewart, J. G.*, Esposito, E. C., Pridgen, B., Gold, J., & Auerbach, R. P. (2017). Predictors of Rehospitalization for Depressed Adolescents Admitted to Acute Psychiatric Treatment. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 78(5), 592–598. *denotes shared first authorship.

Can help with: I would be happy to talk to any ECRs interested in pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the UK and could help with understanding of Dutch questionnaires/interviews. I am also learning about grounded theory and would gladly share what I know so far.

What’s essential to your well-being? Time with people I care about, good food, cycling, interesting podcasts, feel-good tv shows, sleep and exploring new places.

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