Emily Hutchinson

Institution: University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Supervisory team: Jennifer Silk, Ph.D.

Position: Clinical-Developmental Psychology Ph.D. student.

Current research: I’m interested in how peer-related processes (i.e. rejection, social media) contribute to the development of adolescent suicidal thoughts and behaviors. My research uses multimodal assessments, such as neuroimaging and ecological momentary assessment, to better understand the dynamics of adolescent suicidal thoughts and behaviors and peer experiences.

Research interests:

  • Adolescent suicide
  • Psychosocial and biological risk factors for adolescent suicide
  • Peer-related processes (i.e. rejection, social media)
  • Neuroscience

Recent Publications:

  • Hutchinson, E.A., Rosen, D., Allen, K.A., Price, R.B., Amole, M.A., Silk, J.S. (2018). Adolescent gaze-directed attention during parent-child conflict: The effects of depressive symptoms and parent-child relationship quality. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.
  • Hutchinson, E. A., Hamilton, J. L., Mak, J., Silk, J. S. Time spent with peers and technology use predicting prospective suicidal ideation in adolescent girls: An ecological momentary assessment study. Poster to be presented at the 2020 Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 54th Annual Convention.

Can help with: I’m happy to talk through any research or methodological concerns when working with children and adolescents. Additionally, I’m knowledgeable in R and SPSS.

What’s essential to your well-being? Outside of my research, I am a runner, frequent concert goer, hula hoop enthusiast, and dog lover.

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To download Emily’s CV: Click here!

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