Julie Janssens

Institution: KU Leuven, Center for Contextual Psychiatry, Belgium.

Supervisory team: Dr. Olivia Kirtley and Prof. Inez-Myin Germeys.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am interested in how attachment relationships (mother, father, peers) play a role in the development of self-harm thoughts and behaviours in adolescents to better understand why people think about or engage in self-harm behaviour.

Research interests:

  • Attachment with mother, father, peers
  • Adolescence
  • Self-harm thoughts and behaviours
  • Experience Sampling Methodology

Can help with: I am a family therapist (working with depressed and suicidal adolescents and their parents) and started my PhD just yet. I believe I can help with talking about self-harm research from the perspective of a therapist.

What’s essential to your well-being? I love to talk about deep stuff with wine and dinner. I adore the sun, sea and beach, and find it important to take care of myself (by sporting and reading), my friends (by staying informed of their lives and being always in for a joke) and my family (by communicating with them every day).

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