Sophia Fedorowicz

Institution: Centre for Health and Development, Staffordshire University, England.

Supervisory team: Dr Naomi Ellis, Professor Chris Gidlow and Dr Robert Dempsey.

Position: PhD student.

Current research: I am interested in how people experience mental distress and how they communicate those experiences. My PhD focusses on bringing the perspective of experts by experience into the evaluation and improvement of suicide risk assessments.

Research interests:

  • How people experience and communicate mental distress
  • Bringing experts by experience into suicide research
  • Research culture and knowledge communication
  • Public involvement and engagement in research and by researchers

Can help with: I love chit-chat about study design, public involvement and systematic reviewing so get in touch! Being a former mental health service user and a researcher with experience of mental distress I always have time to talk about the feelings, stress and loneliness that can come with academia and life in general.

What’s essential to your well-being? So many things! I genuinely love my work, but down time is so important. I love to garden and cook and watch reality TV shows like the Great British Bake Off and RuPauls Drag Race. Going to my friends house for coffee, walking in nature and being around water, poetry and sequins. The most important thing is a daily mindful practice, I like to think about the vastness of the universe and how we are all made of star dust, it calms me like nothing else. Although most people tell me that’s a horrifying reality and to stop talking!

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