Caroline Daly

Institution: National Suicide Research Foundation, Ireland.

Supervisory team: Prof Ella Arensman, Dr Eve Griffin, Dr Roger Webb, and Prof Darren Ashcroft.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: I am examining the individual and ecological factors associated with drugs used in Intentional Drug Overdose (IDO).

Research interests:

  • The epidemiology of self-harm, particular intentional drug overdose
  • Drug utilisation and toxicity
  • Prescribing patterns
  • Means restriction

Recent Publications:

  • Daly, C., Griffin, E., Ashcroft, D. M., Webb, R. T., Perry, I. J., & Arensman, E. (2018). Frequently used drug types and alcohol involvement in intentional drug overdoses in Ireland: a national registry study. The European Journal of Public Health, 28(4), 681-686.
  • Daly, C., Mörch, C. M., & Kirtley, O. J. (2018, November). Preventing Suicide – What Precedes Us Will Propel Us. Crisis, 39(6), 409–415.
  • Witt, K., Daly, C., Arensman, E., Pirkis, J., & Lubman, D. (2019). Patterns of self-harm methods over time and the association with methods used at repeat episodes of non-fatal self-harm and suicide: A systematic review. Journal of Affective Disorders, 245, 250–264.
  • Daly, C., Griffin, E., Ashcroft, D. M., Webb, R. T., Perry, I. J., & Arensman, E. (2018). Intentional drug overdose involving pregabalin and gabapentin: findings from the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland, 2007–2015. Clinical drug investigation, 38(4), 373-380.
  • Arensman, E., Griffin, E., Daly, C., Corcoran, P., Cassidy, E., & Perry, I. J. (2018). Recommended next care following hospital-treated self-harm: Patterns and trends over time. PloS one, 13(3), e0193587.

Can help with: Generally open to chat/help with anything in relation to my PhD area. Also happy to chat about my IASP work.

What’s essential to your well-being? Trying new things and going to new places as often as I can. Painting, creating and the satisfaction of making something from scratch. I also love the outdoors and the gym and meeting up with friends and spending time with my family in the lovely countryside Ireland has to offer!

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