Erik Reinbergs

Institution: University of Houston Clear Lake, United States.

Position: Assistant Professor.

Current research: My work is broadly about improving evidence-based mental health services in schools. I’m passionate about improving services for suicidal youth – from prevention through assessment and intervention. My current research examines measurement issues in suicidology.

Research interests:

  • Youth suicide and school-based prevention/intervention
  • Behavioral interventions (e.g., behavioral consultation, ABA, DBT, ACT)
  • School-based mental health
  • Measurement / psychometrics

Recent Publications:

  • Reinbergs, E. J., & Fefer, S. (2020) Flooding schools: School mental health providers and the climate crisis. International Journal of School Social Work, 5(2).
  • Reinbergs, E. J., & Fefer, S. (2018). Addressing trauma in schools: Multi-tiered service delivery options for practitioners. Psychology in the Schools, 55(3), 250-263.

Can help with: Understanding the US public school system, translating research and clinical work to the school setting, working with teachers and school staff, sharing clinical best-practices in suicide prevention, and measurement concerns in both applied and research contexts.

What’s essential to your well-being? Running, being near the ocean, and pictures of cute dogs.

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