Erik Reinbergs

Institution: Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, United States.

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow.

Current research: My work is based on improving the quality of school-based mental health services and the uptake of evidence-based practices in public schools – through both clinical and public health approaches. I’m especially passionate about suicide prevention, assessment, and intervention practices with adolescents and young adults. My current research looks at measurement issues in suicidology. I am now completing my postdoc outside of Houston, TX, where I provide a range of school psychology services in a large public-school district.

Research interests:

  • Youth suicide and school-based prevention/intervention
  • Behavioral interventions (ABA, PBIS, DBT, ACT, BA, etc.)
  • School-based mental health
  • Measurement / psychometrics

Recent Publications:

  • Reinbergs, E. J., & Fefer, S. (2018). Addressing trauma in schools: Multi-tiered service delivery options for practitioners. Psychology in the Schools, 55(3), 250-263.
  • Reinbergs, E. J. (2015). The How and Why of Trauma Training. National Association of School Psychologists Communiqué, 43(8). 33.

Can help with: Translating research and clinical work to the school setting, sharing clinical best-practices in suicide prevention, and measurement concerns in both applied and research contexts.

What’s essential to your well-being? Engaging in work/service that puts me in contact with my values, running, jumping in the ocean, and dogs

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