Charlotte Huggett

Institution: Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK; Division of Psychology and Mental Health, University of Manchester, England.

Supervisory team: Dr Trish Gooding, Dr Dan Pratt and Dr Sarah Peters.

Position: Trainee Clinical Psychologist.

Current research: I am interested in understanding the client-therapist alliance, particularly in a psychological intervention looking at reducing suicidal thoughts, plans and behaviours (CARMS therapy). I recently investigated, as part of my MPhil research, how the therapeutic alliance relates to suicidal ideation, plans and attempts prior to and after receiving CARMS therapy. My ClinPsyD research is going to use qualitative methods to explore and understand how the therapeutic alliance is developed in CARMS therapy with clients with suicidal experiences.

Research interests:

  • Stigma related to mental health and suicide.
  • How the media influences stigma.
  • Suicide prevention.
  • Psychological therapies which aim to reduce suicidal thoughts, plans and behaviours.
  • Client-therapist therapeutic alliance.

Recent Publications:

  • Huggett, C., Gooding, P., Haddock, G., Quigley, J., & Pratt, D. (2022). The relationship between the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy and suicidal experiences: A systematic review. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 1– 33.
  • Huggett, C., Gooding, P., Haddock, G., & Pratt, D. (2021). The Relationship between the Therapeutic Alliance and Suicidal Experiences in People with Psychosis Receiving Therapy. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(20), 10706.
  • Awenat, Y.F., Peters, S., Gooding, P.A., Pratt, D., Huggett C., …. Haddock, G. (2019). Qualitative analysis of ward staff experiences during research of a novel suicide-prevention psychological therapy for psychiatric inpatients: Understanding the barriers and facilitators. PLOS ONE 14(9): e0222482.
  • Gooding, P.A., Pratt, D., Awenat, Y., Drake, R., Elliott, R., Emsley, R.,  Huggett, C., … Haddock, G. (2020). A psychological intervention for suicide applied to non-affective psychosis: the CARMS (Cognitive AppRoaches to coMbatting Suicidality) randomised controlled trial protocol. BMC Psychiatry 20(306)
  • Haddock, G., Pratt, D., Gooding, P., Peters, S., Emsley, R., Evans, E., Kelly, J., Huggett, C., . . . Awenat, Y. (2019). Feasibility and acceptability of suicide prevention therapy on acute psychiatric wards: Randomised controlled trial. BJPsych Open, 5(1), E14.
  • Huggett, C., Birtel, M.D., Awenat, Y.F., Fleming, P., Wilkes, S., Williams, S., & Haddock, G. (2018). A qualitative study: experiences of stigma by people with mental health problems. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 91(3), 380-397.

Can help with: I have experience of Trial Management of a phase 2 randomised controlled trial which is testing the efficacy of a suicide-focussed psychotherapy (CARMS therapy). For 2 years, I managed to juggle full-time Trial Management and a part-time MPhil. I also have experience of organising conferences, ethics submissions and amendments and classifying and defining adverse events. I am currently undergoing clinical training to become a Clinical Psychologist.

What’s essential to your well-being? Spending time with friends, partner and family, travelling and exploring new places, love a good musical, cooking, prosecco, bootcamp, listening to music/going to gigs, green tea, my 2 cats and walks/hikes.

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